Max McCrory

Sketchbook Gallery

This is a drawing of a power line cut near my Grandpa’s house in New Hampshire. It is sketchy, but I think it captured the scene well.

This is a design for a space ship for an ongoing project. Drawing it out helps me plan better and work more efficiently.

The finished render.

This is just a sketch of a character. I particularly wanted to do a cloak with a sort of muff incorporated into it. I enjoy creating characters and imagining what kind of story they might have. Behind him is supposed to be dragon, though it may resemble a tree.

This is a study of doors. Sometimes I like to draw one thing a bunch of different ways to give myself ideas. Doors are also just fun to draw.

This is a plan for a prop, a sci-fi blaster that has all sorts of hidden features. It would definitely belong to a bad guy.

I often draw maps for Dungeons & Dragons campaigns I write. This particular one was a sprawling journey across a planet with seven suns. Drawing maps is a great way to help create the world inside of your head.