Max McCrory


I enjoy telling stories through many mediums, and have since I was a kid. This is a compilation of my creative works and projects over the years.

Visual Effects and 3D Animation

This is a compilation of the work I have done with Blender, a 3D modeling and animation program. Most of it is completely renders, but some of it is real footage that I 3D tracked in Blender and then added elements to.

Running time: 12:42

My sketchbook

This is a narrated flipthrough of my sketchbook. I generally use it to plan out projects, like renders, costume builds, or props, or just practice drawing. I also use it for sketching out concept art for stories.

Running time: 5:52

Film short

I made this short as a project for a class I took called Cinema as Literature. I used my younger brother as an actor. I focused more on the technical aspect of this than making a coherent story, but I think it turned out pretty well. I used Blender for all of the spaceship shots.

Running time: 1:04


I wrote Number One Ghost Hunters for a short film I envisioned. I used a free trial of the program WriterDuet, which is very nice. I enjoyed writing a screenplay and would like to learn more about it.

Short story

I wrote Ghost Eyes for an English assignment in junior year. I am very good at starting stories, but often have trouble finishing them. I am very proud of this one, not just because it is done, but because I feel it has a good resolution.

Costumes and Props

Over the years, I have made many costumes and props to go along with them. Most of the time I do this for Halloween, but I enjoy making costumes any time of the year.