Hero Worship

Reading biographies as maps, instructions,

Is sure to be a sad pursuit. The gods

Of ancient myths were small and petty, just

Like us. The maddening egos, narrow minds

And blind ambitions of our moment’s heroes

Unrobed, surprise us, why? Because we’re dumb,

Afraid to speak out, call them on their shit.


I’ve worked for assholes. Worked right up to midnight 

To see them take the credit for my work.

Expensive takeout doesn’t compensate

For all the hours my kids have lain awake

Hearing the lonely Jersey Transit whistle 

Echo along the valley’s bedroom streets. 

How do they trust my love when I’m not there?


The monotheists’ Gods, those know-it-alls,

Can offer either tolerant forgiveness

Or fiery judgement but no access to

Compassion. He is God and we are flawed

Humans. He can’t descend to move among

His hinds. How could a God above us under-

Stand us? My deity would join the broken-


Hearted to scoop vanilla ice cream from
A jumbo tub on Friday night. I know

The mightiest and we will never suffer 

Together. God will send his only son

To wrestle with the nails we hang him from.

This poem has yet to be published.