I’ve been publishing this site for nearly thirty years, making it one of the longest-running personal web sites on the World Wide Web. Crazy, right?

Its incarnations through the years have reflected my evolving interests and obsessions, from urban planning to politics to digital marketing. In this latest volume, I’m focusing on my poetry and related literary interests. From time to time I’ll resurrect my older essays, DIY projects, and other archived material, and I’ll be putting out a few odd stories, as well.

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I’ve come to believe in a few things. Among them, the most important is that we are all neighbors and no one is a stranger. Loyalty is a two-edged sword, uniting us to look out for one another, yet also setting us against them, whether we realize it or not. Our planet is smaller than we think, and there is no them. There is only we, and we are many and diverse.


Another thing I’ve learned is that selfishness is probably the root of all the evil that we do. Sadly for us, selfishness is a nearly universal human trait. If we have a challenge as individuals, it’s to grow so we transcend this immaturity of spirit and soul. To become a mature person is not to be selfless, but to be generous. I continue to work at that.

Woodcut of a "Crow on eclectic feet"