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Julius Popp

bit.fall is a waterfall of words collected from live news feeds. Created by the German artist, Julius Popp, as part of Drift 2010. Drift 10 : Julius Popp bit.fall from 3 Trousers on Vimeo.

The Largest Shopping Mall in the World is Almost Entirely Empty

PBS’s P.O.V. series presents Utopia Pt. 3, The World’s Largest Shopping Mall, a 13-minute film on the South China Mall in central Dongguan, a city of 6 million north of Hong Kong. More than twice the size of the Mall of America, the mall is like Las Vegas and Disneyland combined — except that it…

Great Twitter branding advice from the Phoenix Suns

SocialMediaToday has a great post from David Mullen this afternoon on “What the Phoenix Suns Can Teach Your Brand About Using Twitter” including the video below in which the Suns’ VP of Digital Jeramie McPeek talks about how the team is using Twitter to engage with its fan base. When people ask me about using…