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Great Twitter branding advice from the Phoenix Suns

SocialMediaToday has a great post from David Mullen this afternoon on “What the Phoenix Suns Can Teach Your Brand About Using Twitter” including the video below in which the Suns’ VP of Digital Jeramie McPeek talks about how the team is using Twitter to engage with its fan base. When people ask me about using…

Study: Cellphones and online social networking improve connections to others, decrease isolation

A new report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project suggests that contrary to earlier concerns about the effects of technology, the internet and mobile phones are decreasing, not increasing social isolation. The findings challenge the notion that technology pulls people away from social engagement. Contrasting with results of a 2006 study [PDF] by…

Anonymity Kills the Conversation, Onymity Makes the Network Work

Here’s two short audio blogs about my thesis that social media succeed when they encourage or require onymity — that is, you represent yourself publicly using your true identity, rather than a fictionalized persona. Listen! Part Two: Listen!

What does it really mean to think like a publisher?

So you have been told you need to think like a publisher. Seems like a lot of work. What does it really mean to think like a publisher?

Is your home page a zoo?

I went to the zoo today. I was looking forward to seeing the seals, and hoped I’d get to see a feeding. At the entrance gate, I paid for one admission and went through the turnstile — click clunk — and was immediately confronted by a host of zoo employees and animals blocking my path….

Survey claiming Twitter not catching on with Millenials actually shows the opposite

A very small study (200 participants) by Participatory Marketing Network is making news this week with its finding that 18 to 24 year olds are not jumping on the Twitter bandwagon: “only 22 percent are using Twitter.” A number of folks are saying this shows Twitter is failing to lure the key demographic of young…

Pump up the Volume

As a corporate marketer, I am often asked what we need to do to dramatically increase awareness of our organization. The answer is simple: turn up the volume. More than loudness, however, I mean quantity. If you want to raise awareness, you need to to be in more places where your target audiences or customers…