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The Handy-Dandy Content Audit Template

A labor-saving deliverable template that can capture the key insights and recommendations of nearly any content inventory and content audit. Who needs a slide deck when you can just give your client this handy Venn diagram? Share and enjoy!

Expand Your Workflow Beyond Author-Edit-Publish

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about workflow, drawing on my past work overseeing production of digital content in marketing and communications departments. My starting point is a recognition that when we talk about workflow, we are usually thinking narrowly about how content gets authored, edited, and published inside a content management system,…

Don’t lose your customers in the supermarket: Organizing your content to take visitors on a journey

Preparing for a workshop on classification I was giving recently, I was struck at how the supermarket provides a lot of good lessons about how to organize your stuff, whether it be cantaloupes or web content. By the time I explain below why there are bananas in the cookie aisle, I hope you’ll see how…