The Handy-Dandy Content Audit Template

I’ve been doing a lot of website content audits over the past year and decided it was time to simplify and create a labor-saving deliverable template that can capture the key insights and recommendations of nearly any content inventory and content audit. Who needs a content audit spreadsheet or slide deck when you can just sketch this handy Venn diagram? Share and enjoy, my content strategy and information architecture friends!

A content audit shows the difference between what content the user wants, what the client wants, and what exists.

This format can be used for different kinds of sites, too, from an internal audit of your organization’s intranet to extranets that serve partners — even the content for your social media presence. What you put in each zone is up to you and can be as general or specific as you need, from broad categories such as FAQs to specific items such as a “funny picture of the CEO and his dog.”

Expand Your Workflow Beyond Author-Edit-Publish

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about workflow, drawing on my past work overseeing production of digital content in marketing and communications departments. My starting point is a recognition that when we talk about workflow, we are usually thinking narrowly about how content gets authored, edited, and published inside a content management system,…

Don’t lose your customers in the supermarket: Organizing your content to take visitors on a journey

Preparing for a workshop on classification I was giving recently, I was struck at how the supermarket provides a lot of good lessons about how to organize your stuff, whether it be cantaloupes or web content. By the time I explain below why there are bananas in the cookie aisle, I hope you’ll see how…

Anonymity Kills the Conversation, Onymity Makes the Network Work

Here’s two short audio blogs about my thesis that social media succeed when they encourage or require onymity — that is, online you represent yourself publicly using your true identity, information pills rather than a fictionalized persona. Listen! Part Two: Listen!

What does it really mean to think like a publisher?

So you have been told you need to think like a publisher. Seems like a lot of work. What does it really mean to think like a publisher?

A.C. Benson

How to become an author Letters to a young writer, 1920 Magdalene College Cambridge June 11 1920 Dear Mr. Jones, I am interested to read what you say in your letter. I must not however reply as fully as I could wish, as I am not very well just now, & cannot do much writing….

W. R. Raleigh

How to become an author Letters to a young writer, 1920 The Hangings, Ferry Kinksey, near Oxford 9 Oct. 1920 Dear Sir, It is a part of my business to help people here learn to write. Perhaps I can help them, a little, in two or three years. So what can I do for you?…