About Me

I have been leveraging the power of the internet to transform marketing and communications for more than 20 years.

I possess skills in marketing, writing, design, and technology and have worked in publishing, nonprofits, higher education and design. At digital agency Huge, I built and headed the global content strategy practice.

As a marketer and a content strategist, my approach is to move quickly from insights to ideas to help my clients get things done.  I typically collaborate with partners in brand, UX, tech, and creative, providing vision and guidance on content from discovery to delivery and beyond.

I have worked and played with internet technology since 1987 and started this personal web site in 1996, writing about publishing, literature, urban affairs, and marketing — “blogging for longer than it’s been called that,” as the Brooklyn real estate blog, Brownstoner, put it.  I am interested in just about everything, and I have a few things to say about Content Strategy.

You can connect with me via LinkedIn or @johnmccrory on Twitter.