How-to guide for creating a social media policy in government

The Center for Technology in Government today issued a valuable survey of government social media policies. Their report identifies 8 “essential” issues policies typically cover, and it offers helpful guidelines for how to go about developing a social media policy in a government setting. The 8 elements are:

Center for Technology in Government

Social Media Policy Elements

  1. Employee Access
  2. Account Management
  3. Acceptable Use
  4. Employee Conduct
  5. Content
  6. Security
  7. Legal Issues
  8. Citizen Conduct

Your social media policy need not address all eight of the elements CTG’s report outlines, but if you consider each of those areas as you develop your policy, you are certain to be comprehensive.

Under the heading “Getting Started” the survey concludes by suggesting four strategies for designing an effective social media policy:

  1. Determine goals and objectives for using social media tools.
  2. Bring together a multi-functional team including all stakeholders from communication, legal, technology, human resources, and program units.
  3. Identify existing policies that apply to the use of social media tools.
  4. Discuss conflicts or inconsistencies between proposed and existing policies and procedures.

To which I would add a fifth: Set a short deadline. Get your policy done in a month. When the process of creating anything drags on too long, the energy gets sucked out of everyone involved like air from a balloon. A short deadline fosters the intensity needed to ensure a policy or guidelines document can be effective and meaningful.

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Download Designing social media policy for government: Eight essential elements from the Center for Technology in Government.

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