How would you grade Twitter performance?

What makes a good tweeter?

I’m developing a Twitter measurement tool as part of an overall social media performance assessment, and since there’s a lot of debate about what is really important to do or avoid on Twitter, I though I’d ask your help through a short, 6-question survey on how to grade tweeting. The survey is designed to be completed in under 2 minutes.

How much should different elements of tweeting matter? Which is more important — the number of followers you have or the number of times you are retweeted What kinds of things should a tweeter earn bonus points for and which actions should cost them?

The measurement tool is aimed more at helping someone to track their own performance over time than comparing it to others.

I really appreciate your help by giving me your thoughts about what makes a good, effective tweeter. Take the survey!

After you complete the survey, let me know what you think I forgot or left out. Return here and enter your suggestions or ideas in the comments.

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