Arthur Quiller Couch

How to become an author

Letters to a young writer, 1920

The Haven
Aug. 5th, 1920

Dear Sir,

I am sorry: but (1) I am a heavily overworked man these days: and (2) in addition to ordinary work I get, almost daily, a mass of letters to answer which would take up all my time. There is no intentional discourtesy. It is just a simple fact that I could not deal with all these letters if I were in health — which I am not.

Having given you this explanation let me add that if the advice you think I can give can be given briefly by letter I will do my best: or, if it will wait until the Michaelmas term, I return to Cambridge in October and could arrange for an interview there. Believe me,

Yours very truly,
Arthur Quiller Couch

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