I help organizations scale content planning and production to meet the complex demands of multiple marketing channels, lines of business and customer segments.

I have been leveraging the internet in marketing and communications for 20 years in industries including publishing, e-commerce, financial services, technology, nonprofits, and education.

The 5 Challenges Content Strategy Solves

Content is a headache. It’s a pain to make, manage, and measure, and few of us have any kind of strategy to help us deal with it rationally. When I talk to marketing leaders, I listen for what keeps them up at night, and it’s always the same five things:

  1. We have too much content.
  2. No one can find our content.
  3. Our content simply isn’t relevant.
  4. It takes us too long to make great content.
  5. We don’t know which content works or why.

In my view, these challenges are all challenges of scale. We are making and consuming so much more content today than we ever have. As marketers and customers, we are drowning in a mess of content. That sense of overwhelm is the headache.

I can help relieve your content headache. 

When you feel you are facing a big, complicated mess of a situation, making lists, organizing, and setting your priorities helps put your challenge in perspective. It lets you breathe. Then, you can think rationally about what you need to do without that sense of overwhelm bearing down on you. 

Content strategy provides that same breathing space for people faced with big content challenges. As a content strategist, I use the practices of publishing and information science to bring order to the job of planning, making, and distributing content.

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Content Strategy Skills & Capabilities

The concrete work I do falls into four areas of activity: Editorial, Technical, Design, and Launch:


  • Competitive content audits
  • Editorial workflow design
  • Editorial calendars
  • Editorial planning and story blueprinting
  • Editorial and publishing guidelines
  • Writing and editing


  • Taxonomies and controlled vocabularies
  • Content modelling
  • CMS database design
  • CMS requirements & evaluations


  • Content audits, inventories & matrices
  • Heuristic content and UX evaluations
  • Content design for UX
  • Interface copywriting & editing


  • Content Migration planning & management
  • Content editing and SEO
  • Dynamic Content Ingestion management
  • Content QA
  • CMS training